Human Resources Support

We provide advice and support to human resources teams of medium to large organisations, as well as advice to smaller businesses without a dedicated human resources team. Clients can choose to engage us on a retainer or to use us when and if issues arise.

We get to know your business to understand the issues that the business is facing and provide strategies for optimising business performance.

We provide advice on the following:

  • Review and advise on contracts of employment and remuneration packages
  • Prepare and/or review workplace policies and provide advise as to implementation
  • Provide advice as to obligations under Moderns Awards, Enterprise Agreements and the Fair Work Act
  • Advise as to how to effectively consult with employees about workplace change
  • Advise as to whether conduct warrants disciplinary action, including termination and how to minimise potential claims
  • Prepare performance improvement plans and advise as to performance managing employees
  • Represent businesses at conciliations, mediations and hearings in relation to claims brought by employees and former employees
  • Carrying out investigations into workplace complaints
  • Providing workplace training to managers and employees