Bullying: Applicant [2014] FWC 9184

The Fair Work Commission has revoked the only anti-bullying order that has been made since the jurisdiction was created after the conflict ended.  

Earlier this year, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) made an Order to stop workplace bullying which required, amongst other things, a male employee not exercise in the vicinity of the female worker, not make comments about the female employee’s appearance and not contact the female employee unless there was a work related emergency.

The female applicant made an application approximately 3 months later stating that the conflict between her and the male employee was negligible and she felt comfortable approaching her supervisor about any concerns that she may have. She thought it appropriate to revoke the Orders. The female employee expressed her gratitude for the FWC and stated that the intervention had been “very positive and helpful.”

The Order that was made has been the only Order made by the FWC to stop bullying to date.


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