Managing Sick Employees

Published 1 June 2015

PCC Lawyers hosted their quarterly seminar at the College of Law on 14th May 2015.  This time, the subject was Managing Sick and Injured employees.

Part 1 – Medical Certificates

As an introduction, Lucienne Gleeson discussed when medical certificates can be required, and when they can be questioned by employers.

Part 2 – Independent Medical Examinations & ‘Inherent requirements’

Lucienne then went on to discuss some of the law around Independent Medical Examinations, and the meaning of the legal phrase ‘Inherent Requirments’ as it relates to this issue, reasonable accomodations. She also briefly touches on disability discrimination.

Part 3 – Psychological illnessess 

Helen Carter then took over the discussion, and moved onto to a specific discussion of psychological injuries.  Why they are different at work, and some of the great difficulties faced by both employers and employees in this area.