ALP releases draft industrial relations platform

Published 6 May 2015

The Australian Labor Party has released a draft consultation platform which addresses its policy standpoint on industrial relations ahead of its national conference in July.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has released their ‘National Platform – Consultation Draft’ setting out the parties’ policies on topics such as industrial relations, education and the health system ahead of their national conference in July.

The draft states that:

“Employees undertaking the same work in the same workplace should be afforded the same entitlements.”

“People should have the right not to work excessive or unsociable hours, and should be adequately compensated when they do. People should be able access common leisure time on weekends and holidays.”

Whilst much of the draft is a statement of Labor values, it does signal the future of Australian industrial relations should the ALP win the next federal election.

In the draft, the ALP has stated that it will:

  • Achieve a national minimum standard for long service leave that will form part of the National Employment Standards;
  • Ensure consistent treatment of public holidays between states and territories;
  • Retain penalty rates for excessive or unsociable hours, and for weekends and public holidays;
  • Provide an objective test for determining when a worker is a casual;
  • Improve working conditions for fly-in, fly-out workers; and
  • Establish an independent umpire to adjudicate and resolve bargaining disputes.

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