The slippery slope of informal workplace complaints

Informal workplace complaints are unfortunately something that managers have to handle on a regular basis: whether it's an employee letting off steam and having a whinge about their colleagues or something more serious that an employee just wants to get off their chest and insists they don't want investigated.

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Do you know what is fact and fiction when it comes to casual employees?

Casual employees are a valuable asset for many businesses as they provide the flexibility to cover shifts when other staff are sick or on leave, mean that there is someone to cover otherwise unpopular shifts and allow the business to react to increased customer demand at short notice.

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Productivity Commission: Workplace Relations Framework

The Productivity Commission handed down its report into the workplace relations framework on 21 December 2015. The report concludes that the current industrial relations system is largely working well, but that it does require some tweaks to address the issue of balance between parties with interests in the workplace.

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