George Harris, Solicitor

George Harris

George joined PCC Lawyers and Consultants in November 2010; having serviced the employee relations, workplace law and human resource management requirements of the clients of private sector employer associations, over a period of twenty years. He worked primarily for employer associations and has appeared in contested proceedings before Fair Work Australia, the former Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, the Transport Appeals Tribunal, the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales. The majority of these applications concern unfair dismissal, unlawful termination of employment applications and anti-discrimination matters arising under the relevant statute. However, with the emphasis applied at mediation and conciliated settlements, George has obtained considerable experience advising employers, including senior managers towards pragmatic resolution of their workplace disputes.

He has worked with employers across a diversity of industries, including retail services, consumer manufactures, automotive, transport, hospitality and catering, the medical profession; as well as having completed workplace relations projects within Rail Infrastructure Corporation and the security services industry.

George holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Relations (UNSW), a Master of Business in Employment Relations (UTS) and a Master of Law and Legal Practice (UTS). He was admitted to practise in October 2009.

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