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General Employment: Goodstart Early Learning Enterprise Agreement [2012] FWA 2408

This matter concerned an application pursuant to s185 of the Fair Work Act 2009 to determine whether an enterprise agreement by Goodstart Early Learning Limited was consistent with the National Employment Standards (NES). The issue at hand was whether employers are required to pay leave loading for annual leave upon termination of an employee.

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File sharing and copyright infringement in the work place

Recently, much attention has been drawn to the issue of file sharing and copyright infringement. Legislation has been suggested in many places that targets “pirates” who illegally download and share multimedia such as music and films.

This gives rise to the question - Who is legally responsible for what an employee downloads or shares using a work computer, internet connection or other hardware?

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Identifying a Workplace Bully

It has been estimated that one in thirty people, both male and female, is a bully. Whilst the term “bully” can cover a number of different personality disorders, there are a number of behavioural traits which are said to be common to the workplace bully. As well as looking at these behaviour traits, we will also discuss whether there are ways to avoid recruiting bullies into your organization.

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